Baina uu?

‘Baina uu?’ or ‘Are you there?’ is how Mongolians answer the phone. As such it’s the perfect title for this Hello parody that Amy and Hana, two volunteers from Uvs Aimag, created about life as a volunteer in Mongolia.

Translation of lyrics:

Baina uu (Are you there?/Hello?)
Baina baina (I’m here)
Ajil sain uu? (How’s work?) Sain (Good) Chi daarjeen uu? (Are you cold?) Zugeer bi daarhgui baina (It’s okay, I’m not cold)
Za oor sonen you way? (What else is new?)
Taivan daa, yumgui dee, dajgui (Nothing much) Sonen saihan you ve? (What’s new with you?)
Baina uu (Are you there?/Hello?)
I’m in the hoodoo (countryside) dreaming of when it was sunny
When we were warmer, galgui (without a fire)
I’ve forgotten how it felt before it snowed a hundred feet
Thanks to my host fam(ily) for this new deel (Mongolian traditional clothing) it’ll serve me well

Hello from Mongolia
I must have at a thousand buuz (meat dumplings)
And I say uuchlaaree (sorry) dahaid edehgui (I won’t eat anymore)
But when I’m full you always just give me more tea

Hello from the other side
I don’t wanna take this mikr (van) ride
And I say uuchlaaree (sorry) can we make one quick stop
Cuz if we keep swerving like this
You’re gonna need to mop this floor

Hello PCMO (peace corps medical officer)
It’s so typical of me to talk about my shit but help me
I hope that you will
Cuz I can’t make it out this jorlong (outhouse) without rushing right back in
The bag of huushur (fried meat “pancake”) from the roadside guanz (cafeteria/eatery) is running out of me

So hello from the jorlong (outhouse)
I’ve been inside her for so long
Now my legs are cramping
Is that a sheep bone?
Should have brought more TP
Shit I just dropped my phone

Hello from the countryside
I couldn’t forget you if I tried
To tell you I’ll miss you and all your beauty
But when I leave you’ll always be here in my heart
Mongoliaaaa….Oooo Mongoliaaa….Mongoliaaaa…..Mongoliaaa
Baina uu (hello?/are you there?)
Za za za… (okay okay okay….)


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