Eagle Festival

A bucket list item for many Peace Corps Mongolia Volunteers is Eagle Festival. There are three or four that occur throughout the year in different soums in Bayan Ulgii aimag. The one just outside the aimag center is the most popular, but I decided to attend a smaller one in my friend's soum. This was … Continue reading Eagle Festival


Self Care for the Second Year

I was talking to another volunteer recently about how we've grown since coming to Mongolia. We both thought we'd see the most improvement in our professional lives, but have ended up growing a lot personally. For me, my growth has been specifically in my emotional maturity. When I arrived in Mongolia and began PST, it … Continue reading Self Care for the Second Year

Space Camp

Many Mongolians have asked me if I have children. Biologically, the answer is no, but in lieu of reproduction I have made Space Camp my baby. It's been a little less stressful and a little less messy, but it still means the world to me and I hope you consider contributing to the cause. Space … Continue reading Space Camp

Mongolian Transport Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ride

Transportation is always an experience here in Mongolia for several reasons. Punctuality: You actually thought you were leaving at 6:00 pm because that's what the driver told you?! Haha, you fool! Crammed quarters: Unless there are three people to a seat, the vehicle is not full. The roads, or lack thereof:  The only roads that are … Continue reading Mongolian Transport Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ride

Baina uu?

'Baina uu?' or 'Are you there?' is how Mongolians answer the phone. As such it's the perfect title for this Hello parody that Amy and Hana, two volunteers from Uvs Aimag, created about life as a volunteer in Mongolia. Translation of lyrics: Baina uu (Are you there?/Hello?) Baina baina (I’m here) Ajil sain uu? (How’s … Continue reading Baina uu?